Pet-friendly UK holiday cottages where your dog is greeted as one of the guests

It is a big relief to dog owners to find pet-friendly cottages that not only tolerate dogs but also welcome them as one of the guests. Cottage holidays that specialise in guests accompanied by their pets tend to have proper facilities for dogs; securely fenced gardens, perhaps kennels or a special run where a dog may be left alone or dog sat for a short while whilst you go out.

Expect a small extra charge to be levied for your dog. Accommodating a dog incurs extra mess and cottages require more thorough cleaning to remove all pet hair.

A rural or coastal location is most suited to self-catering holidays with your dog. The UK is encircled by beaches and although the major seaside resorts may have Blue Flag beaches where dogs are not allowed, there are still plenty of smaller beaches, coves and harbours where dogs are permitted.

dog friendly holiday cottages Isle of WightWalking coastal paths is a favourite holiday walk with a dog. There are coastal paths in various locations along the south coast of England. One of our favourite dog-friendly seaside locations is on the Isle of Wight. This small island 30 minutes sail by ferry across the Solent from Southampton is one of the very best pet-friendly holiday destinations in the UK. There are incredible beaches on the Isle of Wight that permit dogs all year round. There are of course, Blue Flag beaches where dogs are banned but there is plenty of choice for dog owners. The rural interior has miles of walks in attractive scenery, plus there is a coastal path.

The dark green mass of the New Forest is visible on the Hampshire coast from the Isle of Wight. Lots of people enjoy a self-catering break there for a weekend or a week because of the variety of walking trails through woodland, countryside and heath. It is another excellent dog walking holiday location in southern England.

The coastal path in Wales begins in Pembrokeshire and runs northwards along Cardigan Bay. Wales has long been associated with family summer holidays and it is common to see families accompanied by their dogs on the beach. The Welsh national parks are good rural locations except that dogs must be kept on leads because of the number of sheep wandering freely.

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The Welsh Marches, that border land between England and Wales is one of the most stunning rural areas in the UK. Rent a dogs welcome country cottage in the Welsh Marches for a holiday with hilly scenery dotted with neat farms. Go for rural rambles past fields teeming with sheep or woodland walks. The pace of life is gentler in the country. Your dog will appreciate gentle strolls in the country.

The English West Country is another favourite family holiday destination. The lengthy coastlines of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset welcome holidaying families to their beaches. The West Country countryside is most pleasant and green, even in the height of summer.

Another fabulous destination for a dog friendly holiday is in the north of England. Take to the hills and lakes of Cumbria or the moors and dales of Yorkshire. There is a wide band of beautiful countryside that spans the north of England. These are places where it is possible to find peace and quiet, where you and your dogs can wander through tranquil moors and valleys. Peace is a rare commodity in our busy world and people complain about the UK being overcrowded and yet these isolated places exist for dog friendly rural getaways.

Not quite as far north in England and convenient for the Midlands and Manchester, is the Peak District national park. Again, there are sheep dotted all over the hillsides and even on the grass verge at the roadside. This is one of the pleasurable sights in the Peak District but it does mean extra vigilance for dog owners.

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