Holiday homes and self catering accommodation for holiday lettings


We feature a wide selection of good quality holiday lettings for people to rent for short periods for holidays and short breaks. Ther are holiday homes in various categories and because many holiday homes are graded by Tourist Boards and agencies, they will also have a rating, usually from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest and classed as luxury accommodation. The English system uses a star rating which helps identify criteria the holiday cottage or house has met on a comparison chart.

Other categories that holiday accommodation falls into is outlined below:

According to holiday let occupancy

Small cottages for couples or just 2 people: cottage sleeps 2,

family sized holiday cottages that sleep 6

holiday cottages and country cottages that sleep any number of people featuring from two up to 60


Pet friendly holiday homes or not

Lots of British families have a dog. Dogs are expensive to leave in kenenels when people go on holiday and they fret. The easy solution is to take the dog on holiday with the family to a pet friendly holiday letting. A good proportion of self catering accommodation in Britain and Ireland will accept dogs.


Holiday cottages according to target market

Cottage owners provide certain facilities in order to specialise and attract certain types of guests. Family friendly self catering is the largest sector and anyone taking a self-catering holiday with children would expect to find something to occupy childrn safely at the holiday cottage. Larger groups of cottages in a holiday park would have a childrens's playground, toys and perhaps a games room for those wet days that are usually part of a self catering holiday in Britain.

Other specialist groups in self catering are holiday cottages for the disabled which would feature wheelchair access, wide doorways and specially adapted rooms to assist disabled people to manage as independently as possible.


Holiday homes according to facilities provided

People looking for a holiday home usually have some preconceived idea of what they require. the facilities provided can vary immensely and cottage owners provide what they feel will attract guests. A swimming pool or leisure suite has long been viewed as an added bonus on holiday and this does not solely apply to self catering. People tend to prefer to book cottages with a swimming pool. Spas and saunas often come as part of the package. These are also generally viewed as attractive.

Other extras that people want during a self catering holiday are the same as offered by hotels, such as Internet access, free parking, possibly a tennis court. Holiday homes can offer that little bit more tha a hotel in that by their nature, an entire suite of rooms is rented, often with a garden complete with barbecue and furniture.

Each additional facility will attract a certain group of guests. There are holiday cottages that aim to attract artists, possibly because they are located amidst splendid inspirational scenery. Holiday homes in national parks will by their setting be appealing to walkers.