Holiday home exchnages that go wrong


With the best will in the world, holiday home exchanges sometimes fall through. People become ill, experience family problems and other crises - these things we cannot prevent or always insure against.


A holiday exchange with another holiday accommodation owner is an agreement and not necessarily a binding contract unless you actually make it one and write in terms of compensation. If one party drops out for whatever reason, you no longer have accommodation for your holiday. This may not be a problem if you are holidaying in the same country but can be a massive problem if you are travelling abroad. The worst point at which this can happen is on arrival at your destination because you will not have easy means of quickly finding alternative accommodation.


For this reason, it is a good idea to have a Plan B, alternative accommodation for your trip should you be unable to stay in your arranged holiday home. Have that list of hotels or cottage agencies to phone, just in case.


Various things can go wrong at any time including failure of utilities, fire, floods and perhaps the accommodation not being to your satisfaction and expectations. It may be worth exploring the possibility of travel insurance to cover this type of situation. Most travel insurance merely covers medical situations.


Please note that exchanging your holiday home with another holiday home owner is something that you do entirely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility and are not involved in any way except to list potential holiday homes to exchange. If you would like to have no risk, then the best bet is to rent your holiday home and have a firm contract with some assurances. See country cottages in the UK


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Not all disasters cannot be avoided, however, it may pay to go up-market for the very best holiday home that you can afford. Money makes a difference when solutions need to be found quickly. Accommodation providers that have a reputation to uphold are more likely to provide you with substitute accommodation of a similar standard. for the highest quality cottage and holiday home rentals in the UK and Ireland